Fúlì Martial Arts is now the new name for Meridian Kung Fu Brentwood and continues to provide Wing Chun Kung Fu classes for all ages across Brentwood and the surrounding areas. This web page is temporary whilst we complete the build of our new Fúlì-M.A. website so for more information please call us on 07545150616.

The Chinese word Fúlì means Wellbeing in English and forms the foundation of our new club. Empowering our students to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing in any life situation is our primary focus and goal.

We are running a full and comprehensive selection of weekly COVID SAFE Wing Chun classes as detailed in our timetable here – 

Call us today on 07545150616 to come along on a free two-week trial to check out our new COVID SAFE training classes that offer –

  • COVID SAFE training
  • The perfect balance of Discipline and Fun for our younger students
  • 21 local classes a week to choose from split into age and ability levels
  • ELEVATE weapons training program for Junior, Senior and Advanced students
  • Join our ‘Select’ Coaching program with options of progression through to full time professional club Instructor
  • Dedicated Black belt only training classes for advanced adult students
  • The best equipped Wing Chun facility that we know of anywhere! With Seven Wooden Dummies to keep your training ‘hands on’ and moving forward whatever happens with COVID19

Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered one of the most effective forms of unarmed combat known and practised throughout the world. If you have previously tried another martial art or self defence discipline such as Karate, Kick Boxing or MMA and it has not worked for you give Wing Chun a try, it is unique and it is different.